The today’s world technology can be found at every corner. The techn is used a every person in this time whole of the world.  Every person intrested in technology because he provide a lot to information  regarding news, environment in our state and city etc. The young generation is also used tech because this time ,the technology is so useful in every person like scientists, Engineers, Electrical field, cameras etc.

The smartphone and home computes are probably the two pieces of electrical most house holds have. Today I m discussed why technology is important essay . The tech is used official works, website managment . Technology is helped to make a better future and carrier.   so, not waste time let’s go to why techn is important for young youth.


Why technology is important
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Now the days educational system is depend upon technology. Tech is used to best source of gain knowledge about studies. The students learn are every ways to video conference with someone across campus or across the globe, used socialmedia  polling communities, or whop out personal tablets for helpful videos. Tech making a tool incerebidly  useful for studying white board are used more often by teachers,but the students making presentations.

Some schools are even switching the standard classes. Technology is useful to online classes when student was learn in home also.


Why technology is important

Today’s the menu people interested in technology. The digital information age, the tech saturated society claim that all the forma available  to humans for digital communication.

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Technology and communication are not matually exclusive. In the rise of digital communication, technitech can helped communication skills because it allows people learn written to varying audience with technology being a standard in most official works, environments, employees and managers learn way of community in person. Tech is improved communication skills.


Why Technology is important

The Technology is one of the most important and highly debated, elements of our society is the quality of healthcare available to patients. Tech role in healthcare has  expanded exponentially over the last 20 years and figures to increased in conjunction with our societal technological advancements.

Technology is used to increase provider capabilities and patient access while improving the quality of life for some patients and saving the lives others.  There is no doubt they if you are going to be using more technology in the industry of healthcare,when you are going to need some that knows, how to manage it all? Most of the students they are seeking to set their bachelor in health information.

Technology is going to move forward at the speed of light and even with all the changes and things you have adapt to in order to keep up.  Tech  isgreat for the patient, make doctors more efficient and can only help the human race they are living on this planet.


Why Technology is important
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Records on students, performance  ,class attendance cources taken by students, schools enrollment  and others can be stored on computer. The school , institution and tuishan are also teach by using tech.Computer are not easily data lost.

Thus they can be accessed anytime they are required opposite to the traditional methods of recording an papers which can be easily misplaced. The computer like technology easy study and workout. The school used tech to teaching the syllabus will be cover fastly.


Technology has resulted in increase in productivity of students. The students is also read and used tech, then the students are very sharp minded and gain knowledge in our world with the help of technology. As already said, because of tech, the education is no longer restricted to any particular location, time etc. Technology is not only increase productivity in goungster but it is also benefits for older people. Students can keep learning new stuff on their own with the help of technology. It has resulted in increase in their productivity.


It is because of technology that students can view the movies and videos. The students are watched the success persons videos, stories then the students are full of motivation. Many education institutes tend to show motivational videos to their students on regular intervals.

so that they can be optimistic in whatever task they do either in academic career or in professional life. Of course, there are some negative effects of technology too but come on, everything comes with merits and demerits. It’s on us how we use any particular thing. The positive use of technology by students makes it boon for them.


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Technology is very good source of gain knowledge, because there has many of the knowledge. A student study about a particular subject but his not knowledge about subject then student has used Google and gain full knowledge about the subject because the google is also a part of technology. just of classroom, which does not use any tech at all.

In those classrooms, the teachers are unable to say anything more than what they themselves know. This means that the students would never get to know more than what their teachers know especially if they limit themselves to what they are learning from the classrooms. Things have now changed and much of the credit, in this case, needs to be given to technology. Students these days have access to the internet. In case they do not like what their teachers are teaching or if they are just curious to know about things they can always look up the internet. Technology has very good source of income also .


Today’s Technology is also useful for Applying to fill online admission forms, job forms, pan card, voter card, tickets, etc. Today’s the  young generation need the job but the jobs are very low of quantity, because the 80% jobs are shifted in online with Tech. Then todays generation going a startup our own business because job is not provide every student  in this time and start a business plan  with the help of tech. Technology is best way to famous in our world with the help of social media. In  my openion Today’s the technology is best source of every work and goungster  also run to fast to back of the technology.

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