The word success is very good to hear. But we have achieved the success is not easily in life. Like, a man see the dream of Indian army before 1year or 2 year. He fill the all of regarding Indian army and he daily awake up early  in the morning and he go to practice in running by near ground.

Before Indian army Bharti he has gave full energy in running, exercises, fitness, height and more exercise regarding fitness but finally the day is come when Bharti is on but he is not selected in Indian army. He tried 2nd time, 3rd time,4th time he gave double hardworking in fitness and finally he selected and he realise success is not achieve easy but definitely. So, the business has face same problem like a boy, business man faces many up and down in business but he not forget.

He gave double hardworking and achieve the success. So, my motive is success is come definately but not easily. Today I will be discussed about the topic is .How to achieve success in life / business and job, so don’t waste time let’s go to gain knowledge about success.



How to achieve success in life

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Business is a very good source to make a life better. The world have been thousands of books written about, How to success in business,  and more about achieving success in life as well. People has find and read some books and articles on web that discuss the topic. However across the thousands of books and articles, among the countless legends and stories, you will find some common themes woven throught. You will find principles about us as human beings that many us think about bit never try hard enough to success achieve.

You will achieve the success in life, firstly read books of sucessfull person and gain some knowledge. Are you successed in life with the help of business you can work daily, with a proper time table and you see the building of success.



How to achieve success in life

Entrepreneurship is a broad term, you can be an entrepreneur in just about any area. However, you will have to pick a field to work in and business to start. Find a business that won’t only be successful, but is something that you are passionate about. Entrepreneurship is hard work, so you want to focus your attention on something you care about.



An online course is a change made by internet technology, in the day will be day of education system. It is less costly and comfortable. You can take a class while sitting on the bed. It is the open income source for experts. It also helps you to gain the soft skills which helps you during the job interview in any field.

Entrepreneurship is a very good source of settle life and full fill your own dreams.You should be focused on marketing before, during and after you start your business. You may have the best restaurant in the city, but nobody will visit if they don’t know it exists. Marketing is tricky, but if you should be able to focus your marketing efforts on your target audience. For example, millennials may be more likely to see an ad on social media than on a billboard downtown.

Here, we  discussed 4 types of online courses ….


How to achieve success in life

This course very – very important for a person to makes an entrepreneur. The way to giving and taking a job, way to talk with others, way to talk,way to sit and stand, way to deal, these things are include in soft skills. A soft skills is the skills which is important for all persons in the present era.Entrepronour is a no Sunday and no holidays with his working days . Ther  Various types of courses includes in soft skills are :-



The soft skills course  is teach how to meet anyone, how to talk someone , how to join class room when teacher will teach, and many of the skills you learned this course.


How to achieve success in life

Digital marketing is  online marketing. It is very powerful and beneficial course. It is the selling and purchase by a product with the help of online technology. This course has you are learned, digital marketing ,(SEO) search engine optimization, Email marketing, (SMM) social media marketing, When you learned this course you can got a certificate of course. This certificates is help you join a job of big package.

Cost of this course is different in different countries, cities. In maximum cases ,this course is very costly. About 5-6% person want to become an entrepreneur in their entire life. In last, you can got a certificates of courses.



The present era, the amount of startups and increase gradually Technology .Every company and every organization wants more customers, and internet is the best way to reaching the more and more customers. That’s why, more startups are build today. The ofline jobs are shifted to online jobs, that’s why everyone is going to startup a new business.

Every one  is going to be digital. But, how to build a startup, most of the peoples don’t know about this. when a person startup own company he faces lot of failure, but he can do hardworking every time,   then he got success in 1 or 2 years, and he became a millionaire. That’s why is important digital marketing and choose to Entrepreneurship.


If you want to become an entrepreneur, firstally you become a good leader. Good leader is the sign of how much you make  your business. You makes an insipiration for your team, and take the responsibility of business. All these qualities is more important for a leader. This course is available for building these type of qualities inside you.

In a business, failure and risk is coming as a level same as coming in videogame. Don’t be afraid and take responsibilities. It is the sign of good leader. If you make a good leader, are you became a good leader it’smake a proud movement.


How to achieve success in life

Start any type of company or small business owner and you’ll quickly learn that starting a business requires a lot of work. Generating a business idea is a great starting point, but an idea doesn’t become a business without effort. Some budding entrepreneurs understand the effort necessary to create a business, but they might not be familiar with the many steps required to launch a business venture. If you’re willing to put in the effort to build a business, you’re going to want to know the steps needed to reach your goals.



Firstly you are see the dream of  doctor, you need a best course.

D.M: This is a doctorate degree awarded by many universities in US and is equivalent to a PhD degree. Doctors possessing M.D. degree are eligible to for this course.

Medicine Entrance Exam

The list of entrance exams for getting into Medicine profession is provided as under:


AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Test)
AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science Entrance Test)
JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research) Medical Entrance Test
Christian Medical College Entrance Exam
Banaras Hindu University Pre-Medical Test (BHU-PMT)
Manipal University Admissions Test for Undergraduate Studies

Postgraduate Exams

• AIPGEE (All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination)
• DUPGMET (Delhi University Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test)

Doctoral Course Exam


Courses in Medicine

Specialisation in core medical courses usually commence after completing 10+2 standard. Here is a list of courses that a medical degree aspirant can pursue to build a bright career:


How to achieve success in life


Engineer is very good carrier oppertunity. Firstly you need 12th pass.

Engineering careers and education you will need

If you think you’d like to enter the engineering field but don’t know what to do next, read on for a step-by-step guide.

What is an engineer? Which things are need you?

Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judgment, and common sense to make things that benefit people. Engineers design bridges and important medical equipment as well as processes for cleaning up toxic spills and systems for mass transit. Engineering is the process of producing a technical product or system to meet a specific need.

What types of engineers are there?

The five largest engineering areas are

  1. Chemical engineering
  2. Civil engineering
  3. Electrical engineering
  4. Industrial engineering
  5. Mechanical engineering 

There are also more specialized engineering fields, including:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Oceanic engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Bio medical engineering
  • Nuclear engineering

What qualities do successful engineers have?

  • Strong in mathematics and science
  • Highly analytical and detail oriented
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Good communication skills
  • Enjoy working in teams
  • Enjoy building or improving the way things work



The syllabus of CPT is almost similar to 12 th class. The Percentage is pass also approximately 30%. As a result, the students consider it very easy and prepare not so well for CPT , hence although they pass CPT but their parentage of marks for this exam remains very low comparison to that scored in 12th class examination.


2.Lack of Confidence

A confident attitude is a must for anyone who aspires to become a CA. The lack of confidence becomes a hurdle and stops the students from passing this exam.

3. Considering the Pattern of ICAI & 12th Std. as Similar

The examination patterns of ICAI and 12th Std. are different. But the students keep preparing for the CPT examination with the pattern of 12th std. examination in their minds.

4. Lack of Focus on the Important Portions of Syllabus

It is a fact that not all parts of the syllabus are equally important. Some of the topics are considered as very important while the others are considered less important, comparatively.but the students give equal importance to all topics and hence, they do not get to focused well on most important topics.


How to become an IAS officer?

Even though the exam to be undertaken is popularly known as the IAS exam, it is officially called UPSC civil service exam. The UPSC CSE consists of 3 stages – Prelims, Mains, and Interview.Getting into Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is not easy considering the competition involved, but not impossible for a candidate with right attitude and approach.”

To clear IAS Exam, aspirants are advised to have a long-term strategy. Though most of the serious candidates start preparation 9-12 months before the exam date, there are candidates who successfully achieve top ranks with only a few months of dedicated study.

IAS Exam Eligibility Criteria

The educational qualification needed to appear in UPSC CSE is a degree (graduation) in any subject. Final year students can also apply. Aspirants may go through the article to the eligibility criteria for writing upsc CSE exam.

IAS Exam Number of attempts permitted

The number of attempts permissible for a general category candidate in UPSC CSE is 6. For OBC candidates the number of attempts permitted it 9. SC/ST category candidates will have unlimited attempts till they attain the upper age limit to appear for UPSC CSE.

IAS Age Limits

The minimum age to appear for UPSC Civil Services Exam is 21 years. Upper age limit for General category is 32 years, for OBC it is 35 years while for SC/ST it is 37 years.



KAS Exam has three phases about which we will be talking later.In order to be eligible for this test, one must be of 21 years of age and must have a graduation or Master’s Degree.

How to go about KAS Preparation?

One of the major problems that students preparing for KAS generally face is the lack of focus and uncertainty on whether they are going in the right direction. KAS Preparation involves having acquaintance with the exam pattern well beforehand. Buy the books that are generally recommended for KAS Preparation. The golden rule for KAS Preparation is to completely familiarise yourself with the syllabus. KAS Preparation requires utmost dedication and sincerity as well as seriousness on the part of aspirants to get through this prestigious exam which covers a really vast syllabus.

There are some reasonably good numbers of Top KAS Coaching Centres in Bangalore which will cater to your needs. These Top KAS Coaching Centres in Bangalore also prepare students for other competitive exams along with KAS Preparation. At Himalai we look forward to serve you and help you in accomplishing your dream. In order to prepare for any exam, you first need to get acquainted with the Exam pattern completely:

KAS Exam Pattern

KAS Exam Pattern includes the Preliminary Examination, Main Exam, and Personality Test. The Preliminary KAS Exam Pattern has two papers in it where it contains multiple choice questions while the Main Examination has descriptive type questions and contains 8 papers where each subject contains two papers each. The paper is set in both Kannada and English language. KAS Exam Pattern also has a negative marking system where 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. Students must be completely acquainted with the KAS Exam Pattern beforehand. This was all about the KAS Exam Pattern.

Qualification for KAS

Any Indian individual, holding a graduation degree in any stream from a recognized university is eligible to appear for the KAS examination. Your Minimum marks in graduation should be 50%. Your Minimum should be 21 years and should not be above 28 years. If you belong to the OBC category, then you will get 3 years of Age relaxation while if you belong to the SC/ST category, then you would get 5 years of Age relaxation.


Business and job is two different things but business is your setup and responsibilities and job is your boss setup. I think  today business is best oppertunity for setup carrier. Because business is your and gain profit go only  your pocket not  other person and live a better life and full fill your dreams. But job is not bad , job is best but different way like kas, IAS , army, police, manager ,bank po,etc .

Job is firstly backup your carrier because tomorrow you will died but your family is safe through penhan and another person job.













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